Kat Byles

PR with Heart

Create greater visibility, momentum and fulfilment in 2015 with this 5-week PR with Heart online course. If you are a solo entrepreneur consciously creating your business and you would love to ramp up your visibility, momentum and impact for greater fulfilment in 2015 then join me for PR with Heart Online Course. Over five weeks […]

Play it like Jazz, Campfire Bath

We had our first Campfire Bath in April bringing together people who are directing their energy, creativity and talents to do good in their work, life and play. Mr John Cullum, Chairman of The Forever Friends Appeal was our first guest storyteller, sharing stories, thoughts and insights on TALENT. John nurtured the natural talent in two boys – Ben […]

Polaroid People of Antigua

Blue.   Vorn.   Mr Papaya.   The beautiful boy who showed us his garden – ginger, oregano, basil, pineapples, bananas. Thank you to the warm, bright-eyed people of Antigua who left a little sweetness in my heart to take onwards with me. Camera: SLR680 Film: The Impossible Project Colour 600 with Gold and Silver […]

Caribbean Black and White

In all that Caribbean exotic colour it went against logic to take any black and white Polaroid film. Very glad I did. Wish I’d played with a lot more. There’s always the next time…             Antigua, 27 March – 5 April 2014 The Impossible Project Black and White 600 Film. […]

Invitation to The Campfire Bath

Your Invitation to The Campfire Bath We’d love to invite you to a new informal and inspirational drinks evening bringing together the people of Bath who are directing their energy, creativity and talents in all sorts of different ways to do good in their work, life and play. You will have the chance to hear […]

Edwin Land

The generation of greatness

Edwin H Land, founder of Polaroid and creative genius, back in the 1950’s spoke of a generation of greatness. If further evidence of his visionary nature is required Land also said that one day we would have a camera with us all the time and use it through the day as much as we use […]