To the heart of imagination

Imagination connects you to your true nature, the core of your being. Here what previously seemed impossible becomes inevitable. It is who you are.

It washes you awake, gifts you greater consciousness and presence.

It takes you beyond stuck, beyond ego, the primitive brain, fight and flight reactions, wounds and decision making based on past experiences to Greatness, inner wisdom and fresh choices for new realities.

It is a powerful, creative tool for transformation, a formidable force for change.

It is the vital (and currently missing) key to creating new structures aligned with human nature and our environment. We need global leaders, bankers and all the rest consulting their imagination.

It creates 360 degree vision, direction, courage to step over thresholds in to the new unknown.

It ignites passion, stokes creative fire, unleashes life force to course through your veins.

It engages others, generates enthusiasm, is attractive and contagious.

It connects you with your heart and soul for authentic, intimate relationships.

It is the land of the ah-ha! The light bulb, eureka moment after which nothing is the same again.

It is playful, creative, fun, unexpected and obvious at the same time, which feels a little extraordinary.

It is the source of brilliant innovation, like the Polaroid camera, which right now sets my heart on fire.

It is inspiration, connection to the divine.

It is pretty much everything.


18 thoughts on “To the heart of imagination

  1. Great post Kat. I love the way you speak about imagination, especially the analogy of the polaroid camera, brilliant….

    For me Imagnation really does set me free, and therefore like your quote, I can fly x

  2. Your blog has made impact right between my eyes and with a ping in my heart the panopoly of my imagination has unfolded taking me to heart warming vista’s. Thanks Kat as i was in the process of making myself heavy and small???!!!

  3. Congrats, Kat. I love your writing voice, and your take on the meaning of imagination. I’ve been delving deeper on listening to my imagination, and it is true – imagination can give you wings. The more attention you give to your imagination, the wider your wings grow, and the higher you soar.

  4. What a brilliant article Kat. You are an exquisite writer. I love it!! I love how imagination “washes you awake” and at the same time it “strokes creative fire”. If anyone asks me to define imagination from now on, all I have to do is send them to you.

  5. what a great introduction to your blog! as i’ve gotten older my imagination has definitely been put on the back burner…time to stoke that fire i think?! looking forward to reading more here.

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