Dark Side of the Lens

Inspiration from the power of the elements just flew in to my inbox, ignited my imagination and transported me to the wild cliff tops of Cornwall. Waves crashing on the rocks, spray flying up to hit me in the face, a strong wind knocking me about. Here amongst the elemental forces I feel the most free. I am alive, plugged in to the world’s natural energy, charging up my life force.

All that from Dark Side of the Lens, a short film made by a surf photographer, Mickey Smith with Allan Wilson, director of photography. Together they make up Astray Films.

It’s an intoxicating mix of art, photography, poetic narrative, surf, elemental forces, the divine spark of imagination and a soul celebration of pursuing what you love.

“Buried beneath headlands, shaping the coast, mind-blowing images of empty waves burn away at me. Solid ocean swells powering through deep cold water. Heavy waves, waves of weight, coax from comfortable routine, ignite the imagination, convey some divine spark, whisper possibilities, conjure the situations I thrive amongst and love to document.”

Magnificent. I love it.


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