Your imagination leads you to the Gold in your heart. Every single time.

It unlocks and reveals the simple truth of what lights you up, what game you came here to play, your deepest desires hidden away.

I love taking myself and other people on a treasure hunt in the imagination to this place.

The stream of imagination carries you effortlessly beyond a mind fixed on the current reality. Beyond thoughts of I failed last time I tried, I’m too exhausted, the mortgage has to be paid, I’m too busy, who am I to play around with my heart and inspiration anyway. Beyond feelings of hurt, fear, anger, depression, grief or rage. They have no bearing in the core of your being, where your imagination takes you to play.

To a place of innocent curiosity, standing in the mystery, the place where you don’t know. I love it here. Wondering what will be revealed, what gold will you or I receive today?

The Gold is always there. Waiting faithfully for you to come and find it. And when you do it is always much more than your logical mind could ever come up with. It is always simple, always feels true, obvious and yet unexpected, like it has come home to you.

What you then do with the Gold from your heart is up to you.

Lock it back up in the chest. Remain far too busy for that nonsense today. Dismiss it as impossible. Still want to indulge in the pain of yesterday.

This is your choice to make.

When you do choose to make the Gold from your heart your focus, love it and choose it over your busy day, the mortgage payments and the pain of yesterday.

Well, that is when the magic happens.  People and opportunities pop in to your life, and out of it, and the vision unfolds into reality. The Gold starts to come to life.

Now you are creating and living from your heart.

That is the transformation.

That is when you become the butterfly.

Gold: A journey in my imagination uncovered my love of all things Polaroid, a love of all things film. This is the first colour Polaroid I took testing out my SX-70 Polaroid camera with Impossible Project PX 70 Cool Colourshade Film (well, the first one that came out!). Alfie, 4, my nephew, gave me the balloon for my birthday.


6 thoughts on “Gold

  1. I love the simplicity of the choice that you talk about Kat – the choice of the gold of my imagination, or the pain of yesterday. Simple, powerful, transformative focus. Thank you.

  2. I love it Kat, especially the bit where you say “to a place of innocent curiosity, standing in the mystery, the place where you don’t know” – I love being in that place too. Fabulous post, thank you x

  3. I love the inspiration I felt when reading this post. It’s so true and yet so hard to practice. It’s nice to have a little reminder through a wonderful post to know there is gold if you are open to looking for it.

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