Ruby Sparks

Date for your diary – 12 October 2012 – Ruby Sparks hits UK cinemas.

From the directors of Little Miss Sunshine, Ruby Sparks is the story of a writer, Calvin, who can’t write. His therapist gives him an assignment to create his dream girl. He imagines Ruby. He writes about Ruby. All he wants to do is write about Ruby. He falls in love with Ruby. Only she’s not real. And then she is. Ruby manifests in his apartment, in love with him, and exactly as he’s written her. I wish I’d had this idea for a script.

“People don’t appear out of thin air.” Yells Calvin’s brother.

She did!” Calvin yells back.

“How?” Yells brother.

“I don’t know how! It’s love! It’s magic!” Yells Calvin.

Imagination can feel like magic. When we create what we love with imagination people and opportunities can sometimes appear seemingly out of thin air and we don’t really know how. What we once perceived as impossible suddenly becomes real. That’s the fun. That’s the mystery. That’s the bit that feels like magic.

I love Robert Fritz’s explanation in his book Your Life as Art. It is down to structural tension established between the vision of what you are creating and the current reality. This structural tension creates events that serve the end result. Don’t glorify this and certainly don’t let it replace the action you need to take to create your vision.

“This is the true and impossible story of my very great love. One may think this is magic. But falling in love is an act of magic.” Says Calvin of Ruby Sparks.

Cannot wait. And just look at that typewriter.

Ruby Sparks stars Elliott Gould, Zoe Kazan, Antonio Banderas, Annette Bening, Steve Coogan.


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