Create and change takes care of itself

It’s all about change. Or if you want to sound a little more intellectual, transformation.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Stand for change. Change you can believe in. We want change. Yes we can! Ah we didn’t. Maybe we can’t. Change is hard. We don’t like change. Embrace change. Transform your life. One person can change the world. Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

For 6 years I worked at the Homeless World Cup, using football to beat homelessness, and players are changing their lives, a ball is changing the world. And there is a whole sector that somehow got labelled ‘sport for social change’ where you will find Gamechangers, Changemakers and Agents for Change.

Are we a bunch of change addicts stuck in a trance of change? And is change just a distraction from creating what we want, what we’d actually love?

When I ask ‘what would you love?’ ‘Change!’ is all too frequently yelled back at me. ‘Yes yes, and from what to what? What does it look like when you have the change you want?’ And then comes the brain freeze. The confusion. The blank expressions. We get so taken up with ‘we want change’ that we don’t seem to take the next step to articulate and focus on what we’d love instead. That or we are caught up in the day to day distractions we’ve forgotten what we would love to create.

When you focus on and create the end result you want, change happens naturally and effortlessly, as a by product. So when you want change, great, see it as an indicator, inspiration that you would love something else, something better. And don’t get stuck there. Ask what would I love to create instead? (Even better ask your imagination). Focus on that. Create what you love and the change you want will take care of itself.


5 thoughts on “Create and change takes care of itself

  1. There is so much truth in what you say here Kat, I love the phrase “create, and change will take care of itself.” that is one for the kitchen notice board. Great writing thanks.x

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