Darren Eden, Academy of Greatness

Meet Darren Eden, founder, Academy of Greatness. Darren trains people in their intuition and imagination in order to know themselves and live their Greatness. I first met Darren in 2009 and spent two years on the Leadership Training, using imagination and intuition as a creative tool for transformation. We caught up at The Ivy in London for coffee, conversation and imagination.

What is imagination?

We are beings of imagination. It is the core of who we are. It is what you bring to life as a result of what you see in your mind. It is what you create and what you become. Imagination has an inherent force of its own and when you follow it magic and synergy take you to extraordinary places.

What do you love about imagination?

The freedom and self-empowerment. The freedom of knowing I can make up anything I love and bring it to life.

Who are your imagination heroes?

Steve Jobs and John Lasseter, both involved in Pixar, a wonderful company engineered around imagination. And I’m inspired by anyone who has taken their passion and is living it, unfolding it from their imagination.

What is it like to live your life from imagination?

When we live from our imagination the world moves from shades of grey to a world of colour. End results happen magically. Living without imagination, we live from our unconscious beliefs. Here it is about survival and struggle. We assume that we are separate. We don’t know that we can shift focus to imagination very effortlessly.

When did you begin living your life from your imagination?

I had a suit life in corporate change management, the veneer of a beautiful wife, international travel, dinner parties, pent house apartment. Yet, there was a big chasm in my life. At the weekends I would go and explore sweat lodges and different personal and spiritual development modalities but there was no real application. I had experiences of my imagination and my heart but then would get overwhelming fear and close it down.

Then in 1998, through my first wife, I met William Whitecloud.  William revealed more to me about myself in one intuitive session than 10 years of personal development had revealed. William taught me that imagination is real. I am imaginative. I can live my life from it. Intuition is real. I can make decisions from my intuition that resonates with me, with my core.

I was training with my wife and we both realized our relationship wasn’t true and that it didn’t serve our hearts. We ended our marriage with honor and respect for each other.  I then chose to work with William and pursue what I really love – to create magic and transformation in people’s lives. I let go of my corporate life in change management. At that time I had no support structures, no relationship, no salary. I began living by my own wits.

What impact does imagination have?

I could tell so many stories of how imagination and intuition have freed people. People begin living their real life, the life of who they really are. It freed me to live the life of my dreams.

My wife Joanna was trapped as a working girl. Being trained in her imagination and intuition gave her the courage and conviction to leave work, create her family, move back home to England from Australia, write a book, and now she is working on her movie script. She has come home to herself.

Francesca was too afraid to leave her lounge room in Twickenham and when she did it was under a façade of helping other people. What she really loves is capturing the essence of people through the medium of video. She is now back and forth to Cape Town, South Africa making her documentary At The Crossroads. She would no more have conceived of this than walking on the moon before being trained in her imagination.

Johnnie was a jobbing actor in London and after being trained in his imagination he secured a role as a leading man, moved to L.A where he met his wife and they have created a short film together that they took to Cannes this year.

What about people who say ‘I don’t have an imagination?’

They are just making it up. It is just unconscious beliefs talking. Everyone has an imagination. Choose to focus on it and your imagination comes to life.

For the most part imagination is misunderstood. It’s believed to be reserved for special people, creative people and artists. It is for Michelangelo to create David and the Sistine Chapel. But that’s not the case. It’s for everyone. Michelangelo just chose to express his imagination through the vehicle of art.

A small number of people live their life out of their imagination because they understand it and choose it. Most people don’t believe it is in them. Everyone can choose to create end results with imagination and live a life of colour and magic.

Darren runs a variety of trainings including the 2-day Call to Greatness and 8-month Transformation. Check out the dates for upcoming trainings at www.academyofgreatness.co.uk.


6 thoughts on “Darren Eden, Academy of Greatness

  1. Love it, especially this sentence “Imagination has an inherent force of its own and when you follow it magic and synergy take you to extraordinary places” . Great article. x

  2. What I can say about him is, “He is Awesome!”
    You see him once and never forget him.

    I am so grateful to have seen him in themost important time of my life.

    Brilliant job de does.

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