BAFTA masterclass: Stephen Woolley

UK film producer Stephen Woolley delivered a BAFTA Craft Masterclass at the Bath Film Festival on Friday night. It was genius – I fell in love with film and cinema all over again. His film credits include The Company of Wolves, The Crying Game, Absolute Beginners, Made in Dagenham, Scandal, Backbeat, Great Expectations, Interview with […]

Polaroid Portraits of Imagination No.2

Camera: SX-70 Polaroid with a Mint Flashbar Film: The Impossible Project PX70 Colour Protection Joanna Eden, 35, mother, storyteller Where are you in your imagination at this moment as you receive your heart, what you deeply love? I am Despereaux Tilling, a mouse with extraordinarily large ears who loves stories, running along books in the […]

Purpose of The Imagination Game

So I went exploring the purpose of The Imagination Game. What is it? Why am I doing it? Who is it for? What do I most deeply care about and desire to explore, experience, share with The Imagination Game? You know questions like that. And I did this via my imagination to go beyond what I […]

Polaroid Portraits of Imagination. No.1

I got myself a new Polaroid project… When I guide people in their imagination to the core of their being, it is fascinating to watch and a privilege to witness as they receive their heart and experience what they deeply love.  It is a rare moment of innocence, connection and intimacy with their own heart. […]

Step away from the computer….

Step away from the computer Kat. Now. Get in the car. Get out to the trees. Immerse in nature. Fresh air. Vital for creativity, for imagination, for life force. Soak in autumn sunlight. Love the majesty and uplift of the tree tops. Repair your eyes, mellow your head. Breathe. I listened. Followed the flash in […]