Step away from the computer….

Step away from the computer Kat.


Get in the car. Get out to the trees.

Immerse in nature.

Fresh air.

Vital for creativity, for imagination, for life force.

Soak in autumn sunlight.

Love the majesty and uplift of the tree tops.

Repair your eyes, mellow your head.


I listened. Followed the flash in my imagination to Westonbirt. I am so grateful to work to my own creative rhythm and head to the trees on a Thursday afternoon. Thank you Westonbirt for your beautiful autumn colours. Happiness is a pair of muddy wellies.


8 thoughts on “Step away from the computer….

  1. As soon as I opened this post I smiled. All of the images are truly beautiful and the colours so vibrant. Feels good to step away from the computer and I will be doing this a lot more too.

  2. so glad you stepped away – it’s a fine balance to aim for this combination of imagination, blogging, creativity and being yourself, isn’t it – quite a challemge some days – love the colours!!

  3. Lovely shots Kat. I always love how the iPhone makes such a pretty sunflare. It is great to get out into a beautiful day, enjoy the fresh air and scenery and capture a few shots as well.

  4. Your lovely leafy pictures repaired my eyes and mellowed my head.. not as good as the real thing I’m sure, but still a lovely little respite from a day of screen-staring :)

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