Polaroid Portraits of Imagination. No.1

I got myself a new Polaroid project…

When I guide people in their imagination to the core of their being, it is fascinating to watch and a privilege to witness as they receive their heart and experience what they deeply love.  It is a rare moment of innocence, connection and intimacy with their own heart.

Eyes closed, immersed in the world of their imagination it is as if they have left and traveled to another place. I wonder where their imagination has taken them, what they are experiencing, what is being revealed to them of their heart and what they love.

Polaroid Portraits of Imagination sets out to document this moment. To create a series of Polaroids capturing people from different walks of life, ages, cultures, nations and environments in their imagination receiving their heart and what they love. Their heart on a Polaroid.

I rediscovered the Polaroid camera in a film shop in San Francisco last year – walked out with a $15 Polaroid 600 and 3 packs of Impossible Project film – and have been in love with all things Polaroid, hungry for more, ever since. I love the story, creativity, innovation and inspiration of Edwin Land, founder, Polaroid. And I love how the experience of Polaroid photography is so similar to the experience of imagination – the depth and presence in the moment and the image revealed is so often unexpected, other worldly and feels a bit magical. Plus the handsome, legendary design of the SX-70 Polaroid makes it all the more enjoyable.

To play with the concept, cameras, film, tripods and remote shutters, I tried it out on me first…

Here is No.1.

Camera: SX-70 Polaroid
Film: The Impossible Project PX70 Colour Protection

Kat, 40, Bath, England.

Where are you? At this moment as you receive your heart, what you deeply love, what did your imagination reveal to you?

I find myself standing on the cliff tops of Cornwall, England. The wind is knocking me about. Waves are crashing on the rocks below, sending spray up in to the air, reaching up in to my face. I love the vital happiness I feel standing here in my anorak and wellies, my lungs filled up with fresh air mixed in with the sea. I can see the horizon unfold in front of me and feel the immense power of elemental forces at play all around me. I love the wild and at the same time gentle innocence of the Cornish earth and coastline. And all the great English myths and legends this land has inspired. I love all the simple times I’ve shared here with my family since being tiny and the richness of the memories collected over so many years.  And most of all, amongst all of this, I experience a deep sense of, a deep love of being free.


10 thoughts on “Polaroid Portraits of Imagination. No.1

  1. This is such a lovely project Kat! The portrait of you is beautiful- both the photographic image and the imagined image. I’m looking forward to seeing more of these portraits xx

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