Purpose of The Imagination Game

So I went exploring the purpose of The Imagination Game. What is it? Why am I doing it? Who is it for? What do I most deeply care about and desire to explore, experience, share with The Imagination Game? You know questions like that.

And I did this via my imagination to go beyond what I can make up in response to those questions with my logical, rational mind. The answers are always so very different. I’ve created an imagination journey to a beautiful place where I can reconnect with and remember the simple essence of who I am and what I’m creating. And here what was previously unconscious is revealed.

Off I went and this is what I’ve discovered so far….

Purpose : Create from Source

The purpose of The Imagination Game is ‘to create from source’.  This was unexpected and landed with an accompanying ‘ahh, of course!’ I absolutely love it. I would happily spend the rest of my days exploring creating from source. Exploring what source is. Exploring the place where inspiration springs forth, where something comes from nothing, the invisible becomes visible.

Imagination is a vehicle that enables me to connect to the source, bypass all the self-imposed limitations, noise of the mind and outside world and create from my true nature, essence, greatness, whatever you want to call it.

At one time it never even occurred to me that I may have something original, unique to me that I wanted to express and create. Thankfully my experience and awareness now is that we all do. This is what I wish we were taught in school as it brings you to create, lead and live a fulfilled and inspired life.

Essentially, right now, The Imagination Game is for me to explore and master my own creativity.

Values : Fun, Freedom, Immersion and Love

Fun – it’s all about play, innocence, wonder, enjoyment and pleasure.

Freedom – freedom to explore, freedom to be different, to mess it up and have another go, to follow my intuition where ever it wants to take me, to be true and honest. Sometimes I self censor my creativity dismissing it as weird or pretentious. Or fearing judgment or humiliation I throw out the tiny beginnings of what could grow in to a wonderful idea. Or try and jump straight to the vision and be so perfect that I break it before it even gets a chance to begin. And all the rest of it. So this is a space free from censorship, judgement and any other limitations.

Immersion – full immersion in my imagination to explore and discover that which is unconscious to bring it back to reality. It is about fully immersing in what I love, being so absorbed and present that I loose myself in what I’m creating.

Love – speaks for itself.

Impact : Me and my creations are strong with depth and substance. Steady, supportive growth. Fulfilled.

When I create from source with imagination and these values I experience a strong, solid core that has substance and steady, supportive growth. Whatever I’m creating also has substance. I’m living and creating from my true nature and feel deeply nourished and fulfilled. This rich inner state is as valuable as whatever it is I’m creating.

If you would love to go on an imagination journey to reconnect with your simple, true essence and what you love to create feel free to get in touch.


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