Polaroid Portraits of Imagination No.2

Camera: SX-70 Polaroid with a Mint Flashbar
Film: The Impossible Project PX70 Colour Protection

Joanna Eden, 35, mother, storyteller

Where are you in your imagination at this moment as you receive your heart, what you deeply love?

I am Despereaux Tilling, a mouse with extraordinarily large ears who loves stories, running along books in the library. Desperaux Tilling was sent to the library to eat the books. Only he didn’t eat the books, even though his brother told him to. He read them instead, which was desperately naughty. He loved stories of bravery, princesses, chivalry, great deeds and adventure. Thus he went on his own adventure, even though his mouse parents wanted him to conform and be like all the other mice. Thinking back that is what happened to me. Not that I had particularly conformist parents but I think they would have preferred it if I had fitted in and didn’t go off on adventures. But I did, because I couldn’t not.

And then there is the true purpose. Books are meant to be read not eaten. I love that he is fulfilling the true purpose of books and stories even though it is not what he has been taught. I love that stories take you on an adventure in the book and they also take you on an adventure in your life too. Stories start you off. They started him off. They start me off. The stories I’ve read and the movies I’ve seen – I go on to have that adventure in my life.

Joanna Eden is the author of The Chocolat Tree

The Chocolat Tree is something from another world, something from the enchanted world where the trees still talk and the spirits of the forest still walk, something from the human imagination. Buy The Chocolat Tree wrapped & signed by Joanna Eden for £10 with free UK postage for Christmas storytelling by the fire.


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