Cascada, a short film of nature and magic

Cascada, a short film by NRS and Forge, is nature, magic, adventure, artistry and film making all mixed up in a oner. Fabulous inspiration for cold, dark January winter nights. The irritating ‘Brad Pitt, I’m on a journey’ narrative, disrupts the mood a little, but can be forgiven for camera crews on high wires suspended […]

A Life in Leica

I am almost certain that Grandpa was born with a camera around his neck.  And then enjoyed a lifetime pursuing photography, capturing what he loved – the natural world, his family, construction projects – always and only through a Leica lens.  Beauty, elegance, class right there. He leaves an archive of tens of thousands of […]

Freedom Day… Glastonbury

Sometimes I just need a freedom day. To go find high places, fresh air, clear blue skies, where it feels like spring in winter, sunshine on my face, warmth in my bones. Out with my Polaroid camera, immersed in the day, nothing to think about, to be restored. So I headed for Glastonbury… Glastonbury Abbey […]

Resistance… The War of Art

Resistance is the enemy of your creativity and sets out to kill your art. So says Steven Pressfield author of The War of Art, a low down on the psychology of the creative process and a mini power pack for anyone committed to their art. Pressfield is a screenwriter and author, most well-known for the […]