Freedom Day… Glastonbury

Sometimes I just need a freedom day. To go find high places, fresh air, clear blue skies, where it feels like spring in winter, sunshine on my face, warmth in my bones. Out with my Polaroid camera, immersed in the day, nothing to think about, to be restored. So I headed for Glastonbury…

Glastonbury Abbey Gold Frame

Glastonbury Abbey in The Impossible Project Gold Frame Film. Glastonbury Abbey is the site of King Arthur’s Tomb. In the year 1191 the bodies of King Arthur and his Queen were said to be found on the south side of the Lady Chapel. On 19 April 1278 their remains were removed in the presence of King Edward I and Queen Eleanor to a black marble tomb on this site. This tomb survived until the dissolution of the Abbey in 1539 (Source: Glastonbury Abbey).

Glastonbury Tor Gold Frame

Glastonbury Tor in glorious winter sunshine. At the top of the Tor on a clear day you can see for miles across the Somerset Levels. Said to be Avalon.

Glastonbury Abbey Black Frame

The black and white version. Glastonbury Abbey in The Impossible Project Silver Shade Black Frame Film.

The more I travel in the world, the more I fall in love with England. The land, its legends, the calm strength it lends me.


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