A Life in Leica

I am almost certain that Grandpa was born with a camera around his neck.  And then enjoyed a lifetime pursuing photography, capturing what he loved – the natural world, his family, construction projects – always and only through a Leica lens.  Beauty, elegance, class right there.

He leaves an archive of tens of thousands of slides, prints from the 1930’s onwards, Leica cameras and a family of photographers that he inspired.  I loved the magic of the darkroom that he introduced us to as kids, the slide shows, the time together sharing photographs and his encouragement as my passion for photography re-ignited (even when it was Polaroids which in the eyes of a Leica master don’t even take proper photographs ha!).

Most of all I loved seeing the world through his eyes and his Leica lens – he always saw the majesty, the wonder, freedom and beauty of this place.


Grandpa (right), with his climbing friend Rudolph (left), Rotenboden



Mt Blanc de Chellion 1948

Mt Blanc

Matterhorn Summit No.7 1947
Matterhorn Summit No.7 1947


Grandpa in Jinja with the car he drove home across the Sahara

Wagenia Fishing

African Girls

African Man


Pygmies Village




All images by JAD.


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