McCullin, the high quality documentary about the photo journalist Don McCullin known for his black and white images of war and human suffering, stays with you long after it ends. Born in to the poverty and street violence of Finsbury Park in the 1930’s, McCullin was friends with a gang accused of murdering a policeman. […]

The buildings that shape us

‘We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill. Cedar House, affectionately known as The Offices, the headquarters for Shepherd Hill & Co that Grandpa restored with Peter Bond (architect) and worked in, and the venue for big family occasions and parties. Not since has there been such a prominent building in my life […]

Here’s to brain blink

It still and always will amaze me that when you ask a question the answer turns up, seemingly out of the blue. BBC TV’s Horizon contained the answer this time in a program called The Creative Brain: How insights come about. Written and directed by Kate Dart (thank you Kate). Just what is going on […]

Delighting in a Hilary Mantel Head Spin

Bloomin’ Heck! Hilary Mantel has my head spinning. Last night The Bath Literature Festival brought us JK Rowling and tonight’s feast is Hilary. James Runcie, artistic director, is back interviewing her. Hilary Mantel is one of England’s greatest writers. 13 novels, a couple of Booker Prize wins in the last five years, as well as […]

“Writing is a place of freedom.” JK Rowling

Last night my family and a few hundred other Bath folk enjoyed the inspiration that is JK Rowling for an hour or so. With big thanks to the Bath Literature Festival and its artistic director, James Runcie, the chap who made the documentary ‘JK Rowling, A Year in the Life.’ What I enjoy most about […]