Cornish Waves

My Polaroid camera has this magical ability to lead me to the beautiful people and places.

Right from our first encounter which was mixed in with the streets of San Francisco, a generous photographer and a bright sky bike ride across Golden Gate Park from Ocean Beach to deliver his films for developing to a film shop. A clunky $20 Polaroid 600 was there waiting for me.

And so it parked me in the St Agnes Cornish waves on an unexpectedly sunny day in April, in a year when Spring forgot to make an appearance.

I’ve never really stood in the waves before. Not without some other purpose of going swimming, surfing, diving, jumping them. Standing in the middle of them in my wellies on a day with warm sun shining in a blue sky, and the sea a deep blue all the way to the horizon, I find I’ve been taken to a place of calm, serene beauty. It’s just me and the spirit of the sea. Waves breaking in different patterns rushing new energy over me. Nourishing, refreshing, calming and restorative.

We all need Nature’s beauty.

st agnes waves

One Step Polaroid Camera. PX680 Colour Protection Impossible Project Film. Gold Frame Limited Edition. St Agnes, North Cornwall, April 2013.

St Agnes Sea

SX70 Polaroid Camera, PX70 Silver Shade Impossible Project Film. I’ve found it tough understanding all the variables of the SX-70 Polaroid Camera and the Impossible Project Silver Shade Film. Chapel Porth, North Corwall, last year. I love the far away feel only just being able to see the waves brings.

St Agnes Cave

From the Cave on St Agnes Beach, Cornwall.

St Agnes Sea Mist

From the Cave. I love that you can only just make out the outline of the rocks and landmass in the distance hiding behind a day of mist and light rain.


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