Got myself a Woody Allen ideas box

I’m at the beginning of a new business, one that exists to inspire and enable people to live, lead and create from their true nature and purpose, the highest version of themselves.  At this beginning stage of a project my head is buzzing with ideas and possibilities. It is jam packed in there.  And each idea is followed by an immediate download of accompanying communication plan – 20 years of brain training!

Ideas and opportunities for films, creativity training and coaching, imagination products, photography, installations, PR workshops to enable women to share their creations with the world so they are visible, powerful, leading with heart and the feminine.

And it is absolutely overwhelming.  Log jammed. Circuit boards shorted.  I sit down scattered, flustered, agitated, not knowing which way to turn, my focus shot to pieces.  All before I’ve even had the chance to decide which may be viable, which I’d love to produce.

So. I’ve gone and gotten myself a Woody Allen top draw in the bedside table ideas box. If you haven’t seen the Woody Allen documentary about his creative process do, it’s brilliant.  All his ideas for movies are written on scraps of paper and put into the top draw in his bedside table. When he is ready to make a new film he takes out the scraps of paper and goes through his collection of ideas to see which one jumps out as his next film.

So I got myself one of these now too.  All ideas coming up related or not related to my new business that are not already captured in the 5 year plan go in to this box. This looks remarkably like the box my new MacBook Air arrived in.  Now I’m confident they have been caught and I can leave them free to breathe until it’s time.

Why haven’t I had one of these before now? Ideas are no longer a heavy burden, something great again. And I’m looking forward to the time I get to rifle through them, a fresh source of inspiration waiting for me when I’m ready or found wanting.

If you haven’t got one, make yourself one.  Any empty draw or box will do.

Now I can return my focus to creating the one or two key end results for today. Get back to and enjoy uninterrupted flow.



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