The Lady

Thank you to film producer Virginie Silla and her husband producer/director Luc Besson for committing the extraordinary true story of Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Burma’s democracy movement, and her relationship with her husband, British writer Michael Aris, to film.

The Lady recognises the formidable strength, love and support Aung San Suu Kyi receives from her husband and family, united in the shared vision and commitment to democracy for Burma.

“You must be the most indulgent husband there ever was” is one Aung San Suu Kyi lines in the film and I think she may well be right.  Whilst Suu is under house arrest he campaigns for her to receive the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize hoping that the international recognition will ensure her protection.  He asks one of their sons to speak at the award ceremony so that if she is listening to the radio she may gain strength from hearing her son’s voice. Even as his own death approaches he encourages in her a strength to stay committed to the cause.

The arrogance of the ego of man to even try to convince itself that political force, violence, control is anywhere near a match for the power of the bond of love between a family coupled with the human spirit standing in integrity, love and truth.

And yet the ego, politics, religion still keep on fighting for control over the human spirit. Why? Please don’t keep giving me the answer of ‘for power and control’. That seems so irrelevant compared to the experience of the depth of human integrity and love.

As I sit for a moment I’m dazzled by all the systems created by the ego for political control – national borders, visa systems and applications, this country being best friends with that country; all the strange institutions awarding bravery and courage in the face of psychopathic behaviour.  That you have to stand up for human rights at all seems ridiculous. And when you do stand for integrity you are found under house arrest as with Aung San Suu Kyi in Burma, or in limbo as with Edward Snowden currently not in Russian territory.

I can only guess that we are sick, floundering without values and commitment to the vibrancy of the human spirit. Or that to behave this way you have not had the experience of love and integrity.  As if you had you would only aspire to that, surely?  For to kill or to manipulate to stay in power and control is to have no power or control at all.

I’m encouraged and inspired to dig a little deeper, to have the courage and presence to confront my own ego and fears arising that could easily prevent me from taking the steps to create, live and lead a life I’m passionate about. Small in comparison to facing the trigger happy psychotic Burmese firing squad I realise. Nonetheless right in my face.

Ever grateful to the true, real life stories of people taking extraordinary steps to create a compassionate world we all want to be part of captured on film as a lasting legacy and reminder of what is possible.


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