The word blender

The word blender is a great game.

Invite THREE words from your imagination that will serve you through your day OR that will serve you and the project you are creating.

The words that come bring with them their essence, energy and blended together create a specific vibration that you need especially for you.

I love the unexpected surprise as the words arrive. Where do they come from?  And how perfectly they serve me. Much more than anything I would have chosen from the top of my head.

I’m working on a new film proposal. It’s a true, gutsy, inspirational story with huge potential.  Tension like that can easily send me wandering off time wasting, procrastinating, instead of sitting down, being with it, and getting it down on paper.

Time for a quick whiz up in The Word Blender.  The words and energy delivered to me as I set out to pen a first draft are: DETERMINATION – CRAFT – FLIGHT.  The perfect guidance system.  I need the will and determination to get over myself and focus on writing, to craft the words and structure until it takes flight. This gives me a direct sense and experience of it and off I go.

Picking it up again on day two and the structure of the film proposal is down on the page, everything I want to share and include at the forefront of my mind.  The words and energy delivered to me now are: FLOW – GENTLE – COMPLETE.  And I thoroughly enjoy flowing with it gently to completion.  And absolutely love that the energy of these words are now woven into the film proposal, part of the film’s DNA.

Want to play?

Breathe deeply in to your belly, fill it up. As you breath out let your body go and relax.  And again.

Gently acknowledge any thoughts or feelings you are experiencing. This is as a reference point to bring you into to where you are now and has no influence on the outcome.

Now choose to step in to innocence. Here you are in the mystery and the magic of life. You see the world with through the eyes of a child, full of wonder.  You have no need to know. Instead you are curious, exploring, open to receiving.

Breathe deeply in to your belly and invite the THREE words that will serve you today (or that will serve you and your project).

Listen and receive the 3 words. (Note – don’t force.  The fun part is them being delivered to you, seemingly out of nowhere, an unexpected surprise gift just for you.)

Take note of the three words you receive.

Enjoy each word, the essence and energy that they evoke for you. Notice the unique blend of energy that they create together that will serve you with your day or on the project you are working on.

Now any time you find yourself distracted throughout the day simply choose to drink back in each word, the essence and energy each word evokes and the blend of magic that the three words create for you.

Play it: I’d love to know your words and what you get from it.


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