Stonehenge – The Impossible Project

On Monday this week I got up before the crack of dawn and travelled down to Stonehenge for an early morning venture in to the inner stone circle. Wonderful experience. Take the opportunity if it comes your way.

The stones are so profoundly masculine. The structure they form so serene, graceful and feminine. Whatever the purpose, reason for being there is no denying their durability and majestic presence.

My Polaroid Cameras came along with a couple of packs of The Impossible Project Film, which seemed appropriate. Sometimes it feels easier to assemble Stonehenge than to get a decent photograph out of Impossible Project Film with all its variables and prototype product qualities.

SX70 Polaroid Camera with PX70 Silver Shade Impossible Project Film:

Stonehenge 1Stonehenge 3Stonehenge 4

Polaroid Spectra with PZ680 Colour Protection Impossible Project Film:

Stonehenge 6Stonehenge 7Stonehenge 8


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