The hearts of men

Lately I’ve been choosing to give my focus to the hearts of men. Working with men (and women too) in business using imagination to access and express their heart – the deeper truth of who they are and what they want to contribute and create beyond profit.

I experience joy, relief and hope witnessing men tackle real issues and stand up visibly and vocally for what they believe in with heartfelt depth and courage.  It’s very very attractive.

Naturally the more you focus on something the more of it you see. So I’m noticing many more brilliant men doing brilliant things than before. I’m collecting them. Please send any you discover my way.

My switch to a heart focus coincided with British parliament saying no to bombing Syria and yes to a more diplomatic approach. Choosing to learn from the past violence of Tony Blair’s ill informed ego and go in a more humane direction this time. I’m still not convinced Putin came up with the idea to ask Assad and Syria to handover their chemical weapons all on his own. But wow, is there even hope for these male global leaders entrenched in their egos as standard to act from a more heart centred place?

The more I choose to lead with my heart, join with the hearts of others, the more compassion, love, generosity and brave decision making there is in the world.  By actively choosing and demonstrating we want more heart by living it we will create it. And that is contagious.

Here’s a few of the beautiful hearted men inspiring me. May they inspire you too.

Violence against women. It’s a men’s issue.

Man Up: The Mask You Live In

Taka’s Treehouse

Jamie Catto
Jamie is a musician (ex-Faithless) and a film maker (One Giant Leap). He runs workshops like “Transforming Shadows,” which changes your demons in to rocket fuel as they become your allies and you reclaim your genius.  Check out Jamie’s workshops and his blog, which explores all aspects of what it is to be a man alive today.

The Mankind Project
Exploring what it means to be a modern, mature man.  They are building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities so desperately need. You can find them here.


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