Innocence Antigua

Polaroid Palm Antigua

Last week I was in Antigua immersed in the beauty of the turquoise sea, abundance of fruits and exotic plants and warm hearted people.  So much innocence and wonder that creating was effortless and life flowed sweetly. It was heaven, freedom. I felt my whole self again.

I want this freedom, connection to life and effortless creating to continue in the UK. And then a good friend pointed out that I didn’t believe it was possible here. That a high energy vibration is only possible in Antigua where the sun shines, life is simple and people smile.  So I want to observe as many of the elements I naturally added to my day that moved me into innocence and bring them back to my life the UK.

My innocence inventory…

  1. Each morning I woke around 6am and sat outside in the beautiful dawn light waking up naturally breathing in fresh air and the nature around me.
  2. The first thing I did was make a cup of peppermint tea and returning outside, connected to my core, my heart and listened to what was true for me that day.  I also asked for any guidance to serve the day with an angel card.
  3. I spent 95% of my waking day outside breathing in fresh air and nature. All meals were eaten outside too.
  4. When decisions were to be made I checked in with my body and listened to what was true. All decisions were made and acted upon with my intuition.
  5. When resistance did come up I took time to be with it, listen to what I was feeling and needed. Once I’d listened deep breathing helped me dissolve the resistance to reconnect to my core and continue with the day following my heart.
  6. I watched absolutely no television and consumed absolutely no news. Instead, I read books.
  7. I swam every day in open turquoise water to discover that all of me loves the vibration of the magical Caribbean Sea.
  8. I went on regular ‘Wonder Wanders’ to discover the local nature and connect with local people and visitors to the Island.  I loved learning about the Island way of life.  Hanging out with the locals were some of my happiest parts.
  9. My Polaroid camera went along with me everywhere. As Bill Cunningham said: “If you seek beauty, you will find it.” I did, everywhere, immersed in a colour palette of piercing turquoise, deep sea greens, dark blues, blasts of shocking pinks and chocolate brown.
  10. I had regular, heavenly, divine, soothing doses of glorious, golden SUNSHINE.

Absolutely stunning.


6 thoughts on “Innocence Antigua

  1. Love it Kat, you forgot to mention the rum :) Its a great reminder of placing structures in our life that allow us to experience innocence and to let the imagination flow, thank you for that. I know when I do my walk along the river in the morning, it sets me off really well, especially as I listen to walking meditations as I do it.

    • How could I forget the Dark Rum and Ginger!! Thank you. Loved sending out my intentions too at Shirley Heights… magical high energy point with views across the Island and Sea. There is something about morning air and light isn’t there – absolutely love it. x

  2. I love the way you extract your insights from your time in Antigua. There is something about island life that makes it easier to check in with our senses and our intuition, that’s a bit harder to transfer to life in an urban/suburban setting. However, it’s not impossible – stepping out on a porch or balcony or yard early in the morning listening to sounds, the wind, is a great way to start the day wherever you are. Checking in with our intuition regardless of environment is another important practice. Unfortunately, city life seems to operate on a much faster frequency and it is challenging to not be affected by it if you do live in an urban environment.
    I hope you can maintain your Antigua glow for a while longer :-)

    • Thank you. x x One big Yes to the Island Life – It would be amazing to live there through the English winter! I’ve been out this morning in my winter coat wrapped in a blanket and the sun appeared on my face – absolutely love waking up outside. x x

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