Your Invitation – PR with Heart – 16 March 2015

** Grab the £295 early bird by Sunday 21 February 2015 **

I’d love to let you know that PR with Heart Online Course kicks off on Monday 16 March 2015 for heart-centred leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers and game changers to create greater visibility and impact in the world.

You are very much invited and please do pass on to people you know who want to get their message out to a greater audience to fulfil their purpose and create a positive legacy. You can make the most of the £295 early bird available until Sunday 21 February 2015.

Over seven weeks we will work together to…

  • Connect deeply with your heart and intuition
  • Create your personal PR plan for greater visibility and impact
  • Articulate your true message to share clearly, confidently from the heart
  • Learn the best ways to successfully approach and work with the media
  • Set up a structure to effortlessly create PR results you love
  • Create and celebrate PR results you love

And we will do this aligned with your true nature and purpose, listening to your heart in a co-creative, nurturing space with supportive and encouraging likeminded people.

A 75 minute teaching session takes place on Mondays at 7.30PM GMT and group coaching sessions take place on Thursdays at 7.30PM GMT. All sessions are recorded to listen to anytime. Workbook PDFs, tools and templates are provided and there is a Facebook group for sharing, coaching and celebrating. A full course outline is available here.

Here’s what other people experienced:

“My PR plan became the creative, energetic heart of my project. It has given me the courage to do effortlessly what I previously believed would be challenging. Kat is world-class.” Simon Haas, author, The Book of Dharma, Making Enlightened Choices, UK

“Kat’s PR with Heart course was brilliant. It’s the most simple, effortless experience I’ve had creating a marketing or PR plan and it feels both inspiring and authentic. In the past I’ve driven myself crazy trying to figure this stuff out, being guided to use my own intuition was way quicker and easier. Kat is a very loving, intuitive facilitator, which made the whole experience an absolute joy to be part of.” Kirsty McAndrew, Executive Coach, Costa Rica

“I have created a sound PR plan that inspires me and created new clients but most importantly found the self-confidence that I didn’t know I had to be visible in the world. Kat is skilful at drawing your best from you and even though this is an on-line course I received the one on one attention that ensured this was a fantastic investment.” Wendy Price, Wellness Therapist, UK

“This was an amazing hands on course. At the end I had more than a marketing plan. I had MY marketing plan!” BJ Smith, Social Entrepreneur, USA

“Thank you Kat for your guidance and insights; you truly exemplified that leading from you heart is not only possible but more fun, inspiring and authentic.” Barbara Trembly, Leadership Consultant, Holland

About Kat

Kat Byles is a PR and creativity consultant with 20 years experience working across sustainable business and innovation, social enterprise and global brands. This includes founding Authentic PR to pioneer business with a positive purpose into the mainstream and 6 years as Global Communications Director, Homeless World Cup growing the organisation from 20 to 70 nations enabling 250,000 homeless players to change their lives in just five years.

She has worked with Nike, UEFA, Vodafone Foundation, United Nations, Inter Milan, Spurs, CNN, ESPN, Eurosport, Desmond Tutu, Eric Cantona, Colin Farrell and Lewis Hamilton and facilitated over 30 documentaries including Kicking It, narrated by Colin Farrell selected for Sundance Film Festival and feature film ‘The Homeless World Cup’ signed to Blueprint Pictures (Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, In Bruges), Film Four and Colin Farrell due for production Spring 2015.

Register Now

Early bird is available at £295 until Sunday 21 February 2015. £495 thereafter.

Register Now with Paypal

I’d love you to join us! You probably know by now that I’m on a mission to enable as many heart-centred leaders to be visible in mainstream business and media as our role models, influencers and decision makers, which is why I’ve designed this course to make PR accessible, affordable and super effective. I’d love it if you can forward this invitation along to people you know ready to step up. Thank you.

Have a great week.

Much love,
Kat x


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