Kat Polaroid

Hello I’m Kat…

I love the art of creating and the power of imagination.

So this is a space to play with, delve into and master creativity and explore the power of imagination in that mix.

It’s for collecting, documenting and sharing inspiration, experiences, tools, insights, the odd self-experiment, probably a few rants and all with the freedom and fun for it to feel a little off-the-wall-bonkers sometimes.

It’s for practicing and developing my artistry, writing, photography and immersing myself in all things Polaroid and Film.

Oh and I love that whole ‘creating your life as art’ thing, so it is for playing around with and enjoying the craftsmanship of my life as art.

If you can enjoy, be inspired, relate to, join in and experience any of that too, all the better.

It’s just better shared.