All hail Walter Mitty’s imagination

Go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a negative asset manager at Life Magazine. Filing the last edition of the magazine before it moves online Walter is sent the front cover negative from longtime Life photographer, Sean O’Connell. Only it is missing. And so begins Walter’s worldwide adventure to locate it. […]

The hearts of men

Lately I’ve been choosing to give my focus to the hearts of men. Working with men (and women too) in business using imagination to access and express their heart – the deeper truth of who they are and what they want to contribute and create beyond profit. I experience joy, relief and hope witnessing men […]

The Lady

Thank you to film producer Virginie Silla and her husband producer/director Luc Besson for committing the extraordinary true story of Aung San Suu Kyi, the leader of Burma’s democracy movement, and her relationship with her husband, British writer Michael Aris, to film. The Lady recognises the formidable strength, love and support Aung San Suu Kyi receives from […]


McCullin, the high quality documentary about the photo journalist Don McCullin known for his black and white images of war and human suffering, stays with you long after it ends. Born in to the poverty and street violence of Finsbury Park in the 1930’s, McCullin was friends with a gang accused of murdering a policeman. […]

“Writing is a place of freedom.” JK Rowling

Last night my family and a few hundred other Bath folk enjoyed the inspiration that is JK Rowling for an hour or so. With big thanks to the Bath Literature Festival and its artistic director, James Runcie, the chap who made the documentary ‘JK Rowling, A Year in the Life.’ What I enjoy most about […]

Bill Cunningham New York

Bill Cunningham New York, a film by Richard Press, is a very lovely portrait documentary of the photographer who shoots the fashion on the streets of New York for The Times. At 84 Bill still heads out on his bicycle with his Nikon camera, wearing his blue jacket uniform and ‘lets the streets speak to […]

Cascada, a short film of nature and magic

Cascada, a short film by NRS and Forge, is nature, magic, adventure, artistry and film making all mixed up in a oner. Fabulous inspiration for cold, dark January winter nights. The irritating ‘Brad Pitt, I’m on a journey’ narrative, disrupts the mood a little, but can be forgiven for camera crews on high wires suspended […]

Resistance… The War of Art

Resistance is the enemy of your creativity and sets out to kill your art. So says Steven Pressfield author of The War of Art, a low down on the psychology of the creative process and a mini power pack for anyone committed to their art. Pressfield is a screenwriter and author, most well-known for the […]