Your Invitation – PR with Heart – 16 March 2015

** Grab the £295 early bird by Sunday 21 February 2015 ** I’d love to let you know that PR with Heart Online Course kicks off on Monday 16 March 2015 for heart-centred leaders, entrepreneurs, pioneers and game changers to create greater visibility and impact in the world. You are very much invited and please […]

Play it like Jazz, Campfire Bath

We had our first Campfire Bath in April bringing together people who are directing their energy, creativity and talents to do good in their work, life and play. Mr John Cullum, Chairman of The Forever Friends Appeal was our first guest storyteller, sharing stories, thoughts and insights on TALENT. John nurtured the natural talent in two boys – Ben […]

The generation of greatness

Edwin H Land, founder of Polaroid and creative genius, back in the 1950’s spoke of a generation of greatness. If further evidence of his visionary nature is required Land also said that one day we would have a camera with us all the time and use it through the day as much as we use […]

All hail Walter Mitty’s imagination

Go see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) is a negative asset manager at Life Magazine. Filing the last edition of the magazine before it moves online Walter is sent the front cover negative from longtime Life photographer, Sean O’Connell. Only it is missing. And so begins Walter’s worldwide adventure to locate it. […]

An invitation to women to create with heart

Do you yearn to express yourself more creatively? Start a business based on your purpose and passion? Write a book or screenplay? Start a blog? Create a new relationship? Express your gifts confidently in the world? And all while in a nurturing, co-creative space supported by other creative women? Then come and join us.  Bring […]

The hearts of men

Lately I’ve been choosing to give my focus to the hearts of men. Working with men (and women too) in business using imagination to access and express their heart – the deeper truth of who they are and what they want to contribute and create beyond profit. I experience joy, relief and hope witnessing men […]

Stonehenge – The Impossible Project

On Monday this week I got up before the crack of dawn and travelled down to Stonehenge for an early morning venture in to the inner stone circle. Wonderful experience. Take the opportunity if it comes your way. The stones are so profoundly masculine. The structure they form so serene, graceful and feminine. Whatever the purpose, […]