The generation of greatness

Edwin H Land, founder of Polaroid and creative genius, back in the 1950’s spoke of a generation of greatness. If further evidence of his visionary nature is required Land also said that one day we would have a camera with us all the time and use it through the day as much as we use […]

Rumi: Two types of intelligence

There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired, as a child in school memorizes facts and concepts from books and from what the teacher says, collecting information from the traditional sciences as well as from the new sciences. With such intelligence you rise in the world. You get ranked ahead or behind others in regard […]

The buildings that shape us

‘We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” Winston Churchill. Cedar House, affectionately known as The Offices, the headquarters for Shepherd Hill & Co that Grandpa restored with Peter Bond (architect) and worked in, and the venue for big family occasions and parties. Not since has there been such a prominent building in my life […]

“Writing is a place of freedom.” JK Rowling

Last night my family and a few hundred other Bath folk enjoyed the inspiration that is JK Rowling for an hour or so. With big thanks to the Bath Literature Festival and its artistic director, James Runcie, the chap who made the documentary ‘JK Rowling, A Year in the Life.’ What I enjoy most about […]

“Writing is the great life.” Woody Allen

Have you seen the Woody Allen documentary? Writer, director, actor, comedian, and musician – Woody Allen – has his life and creative process documented by Robert Weide on-camera for the first time. It is so so good. I wasn’t especially grabbed by the thought of 3 hours with Woody Allen but was informed he still […]

“To quote”

All sorts of people have said all sorts of things about imagination. Here’s a collection of a few favorite quotes about imagination that inspire and a couple that make me laugh (saved for the end) all shared in one place. Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions. Albert Einstein Over the […]