Stonehenge – The Impossible Project

On┬áMonday this week I got up before the crack of dawn and travelled down to Stonehenge for an early morning venture in to the inner stone circle. Wonderful experience. Take the opportunity if it comes your way. The stones are so profoundly masculine. The structure they form so serene, graceful and feminine. Whatever the purpose, […]

Freedom Day… Glastonbury

Sometimes I just need a freedom day. To go find high places, fresh air, clear blue skies, where it feels like spring in winter, sunshine on my face, warmth in my bones. Out with my Polaroid camera, immersed in the day, nothing to think about, to be restored. So I headed for Glastonbury… Glastonbury Abbey […]

Step away from the computer….

Step away from the computer Kat. Now. Get in the car. Get out to the trees. Immerse in nature. Fresh air. Vital for creativity, for imagination, for life force. Soak in autumn sunlight. Love the majesty and uplift of the tree tops. Repair your eyes, mellow your head. Breathe. I listened. Followed the flash in […]