Caribbean Black and White

In all that Caribbean exotic colour it went against logic to take any black and white Polaroid film. Very glad I did. Wish I’d played with a lot more. There’s always the next time…             Antigua, 27 March – 5 April 2014 The Impossible Project Black and White 600 Film. […]

Freedom Day… Glastonbury

Sometimes I just need a freedom day. To go find high places, fresh air, clear blue skies, where it feels like spring in winter, sunshine on my face, warmth in my bones. Out with my Polaroid camera, immersed in the day, nothing to think about, to be restored. So I headed for Glastonbury… Glastonbury Abbey […]

Polaroid Portraits of Imagination. No.1

I got myself a new Polaroid project… When I guide people in their imagination to the core of their being, it is fascinating to watch and a privilege to witness as they receive their heart and experience what they deeply love.  It is a rare moment of innocence, connection and intimacy with their own heart. […]