What they’re saying

Kat plays The Imagination Game with passion and integrity and her tremendous will & excellent humour make for effortless understanding of the forces at play. A gifted storyteller, Kat has created an enlivening way to transform your life. Kat’s coaching has bridged the way for my dreams & visions to become reality.
Joanna Eden, author & screenwriter

The Imagination Game is a wonderful synthesis of Kat’s experience, intuition and enthusiastic and energetic personality. I felt guided to go much further than I thought I could go with my imagination and after attending the workshop I can attest to the power of it in terms of what has come into reality in the past 6 weeks. This is a powerful workshop as a framework for innovation. Five star offering.
Anne K Scott, founder, Crossing Frontiers

Kat guided me on a wonderful journey in to my imagination and I felt totally relaxed throughout. I received some really useful insights and connected with my own inner wisdom to make some important decisions. I would definitely recommend Kat as a great person to guide you way beyond your logical, rational mind.
Richard Holmes

I loved playing The Imagination Game. The workshop was exciting and creative, the knock on effects even more powerful. After just a week and a half I have taken my creation forward to the next stage and created a brand name. The techniques learnt have put me in a creative space on a daily basis. Kat is a wonderful facilitator and I love that she kept tabs on us to support us in taking our creations even further.
Nikki Appleboom, founder, JellyFishCool

I love Kat’s Imagination Game. Kat has such a fresh, fun and thorough approach that really connected me to the vision of what I’m creating. I had somewhere along the line resigned myself to a smaller goal but this raised my bar completely. Her feedback pinpointed areas of my vision that I was too scared to articulate enabling me to get clear on what I’d really love, rather than what I believe I can make do with. Very rewarding.
Liz Adams

The Imagination Game workshop was a fabulous experience. On the face of it, it’s a simple game but clearly it’s something that requires expert facilitation – which you delivered seamlessly. As a result of the experience I have found that now, 2 weeks later, I have powerfully but at the same time effortlessly created a momentum that feels exactly right, driving me to the place I imagined being in my business.
Geoff Hinsley

I absolutely loved the day. What stood out for me was the way you created from the word go, a warm and loving space for our whole group. I was very inspired by your own sharing of creating your vision…and particularly in that you communicated your feelings of discomfort and insecurity, whilst never letting your vision slip out of focus. I loved the meditation process you took us through and surprised myself by where it took me! It was intense and insightful. I felt very guided and supported throughout. I just wanted to say thank you.
Christina Masterman

Kat showed us a profoundly simple way to create from our imagination.  This produced an amazingly effortless result for me the very next day!  All I had to do was receive it. It was very exciting to actually arrive in and stay in the place I’d seen in my imagination so soon after.
Sara Mallett

What a magical event, The Imagination Game. I left with a clear idea about my house on the beach, plus I had a strong feeling that my imagination was coursing through my veins. Great to visit my imagination and to be given so much clarity and know that I can revisit this magical space when ever I want to. Thank you Kat.
Geraldine Davies